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Resource Roundup for Your Climate-Friendly Home Journey

WHEW, we made it. The home stretch, the last chapter, the grand finaleā€”whatever you want to call it. Itā€™s our seventh and final post in our climate-friendly home series. In this final edition, weā€™re sharing a roundup of all our favorite resources to help make your climate-friendly journey as simple as possible. Read on for a whole host of helpful guides, databases, toolkits, and moreā€”and drop us a line if you think thereā€™s something we should add.Ā 

Guides to Climate-Friendly Home Upgrades:Ā Ā 

All Things Solar:Ā 

Incentives & RebatesĀ 


Still looking for a resource to help you determine where to start your climate-friendly home journey? Look no further than Elephantā€™s tool, Your Electrification RoadmapĀ®. By answering some simple questions and providing a few key details about your goals and preferences, you can get a personalized plan to simplify your journey to home electrification.Ā