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climate-friendly home

So you want a climate-friendly home.

Maybe you just got an EV. Maybe your home energy bill was a beast last winter. Or maybe your furnace is on its way out, and you have your eye on a cold climate heat pump.


Getting started is easy

Just keep in mind these three simple rules that define a climate-friendly home:

The 3 Rules

for a climate-friendly home

Don't burn stuff

  • Switch to a heat pump for heating and cooling
  • Heat your water with a heat pump water heater
  • Change out your gas stove for induction
  • Install an EV charger

Don’t use energy made from burning stuff

  • Get rooftop or community solar
  • Or, go all-green with your local electric utility
  • Purchase a battery back up

Be efficient

  • Weatherize your house with insulation and air sealing
  • Schedule regular maintenance for your appliances
  • Install a smart panel

Why should you want a climate-friendly home?

We figure if you’re here, you’re already curious about how to upgrade your home, but we bet you don’t know all the reasons a climate-friendly home is the perfect choice.


Homes account for 20% of climate-related emissions each year–most of this is from heating and cooling. By electrifying and switching to clean energy, you can erase your home’s negative climate impacts and do your part.


Gas prices are booming while the weather gets ever more extreme. On average, our customers save hundreds on utility costs, and in some cases more than $1,000 per year (think larger homes or those with costly fuel sources). Plus, solar only sweetens the deal.


Burning fossil fuels contributes to rising rates of asthma and increases both indoor and outdoor air pollution. All-electric homes are healthier homes. A recent study showed that children are 42% less likely to develop asthma in an all-electric home.


Heat pumps provide quieter, more even heating cooling throughout your home. Some models even offer room-by-room temperature control. Bye, thermostat wars!

Overwhelmed? Don’t fret. We’ve got you.

Every Elephant Energy customer starts by creating their very own roadmap. It’s simple – you tell us about your home and goals, and we generate a free digital plan that walks you through which steps to take (and when!).

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