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Heat Pump Dryer vs. Electric Dryer: What’s Right for You?

Drying your clothes can be an energy-intensive process, often relying on fossil fuels and outdated models that may not effectively dry your laundry. But, it doesn’t have to be that way. There are plenty of dryers out there that can help you save money, save energy, and dry your clothes without heating the planet. Here at Elephant, we can help you in choosing the right dryer for your needs. When it comes time to upgrade, we recommend considering either electric dryers or heat pump dryers. But what sets them apart? What is the difference between an electric dryer and a heat pump dryer? Let’s take a look.

Heat pump dryer

Heat Pump Dryers

If you aren’t already aware, we talk about heat pumps all the time (if you haven’t read our Ultimate Guide to Air Source Heat Pumps, we highly recommend that you check it out!) That’s because heat pumps aren’t just a great way to heat your home; they’re also excellent for drying clothes.

While electric and gas dryers generate heat continuously to dry clothes, heat pump dryers take a different approach. They recycle the same hot air repeatedly. The air enters the dryer, absorbs moisture from the wet clothes, and is then pumped back through the dryer, allowing the water to evaporate. Once the water is gone, the warm air is reheated and returned to the clothes to absorb even more moisture. This closed-loop process continues, recycling the air and evaporating the water until the clothes are fully dry. Pretty cool, right?

Does a heat pump dryer user more electricity? Nope! Heat pump dryers are significantly more energy-efficient, approximately 28% more efficient than the average dryer. This translates into substantial savings on your energy bill. Additionally, they tend to last nearly twice as long as electric and gas dryers, on average.

You may be wondering, “what are the downsides of a heat pump dryer?” A notable difference is the operating temperature. Due to the air recycling process, heat pump dryers operate at much lower temperatures compared to electric and gas dryers. This means that they may take slightly to dry your clothes; however, it also means they are exceptionally gentle on your wardrobe throughout the drying process. A plus for anyone wanting their clothes to last as long as possible.

Electric Dryers

Electric Dryers have their own advantages. Unlike gas powered dryers, they don’t rely on fossil fuels for operation. Instead, they run on the energy source that powers your home, which is especially beneficial in an era where renewable energy is becoming increasingly prevalent. If your home is already powered by renewable energy or you’re considering partnering with us to achieve that, electric dryers are the way to go.

Electric dryers are cost-effective, highly efficient, and easy to install. Unlike gas dryers, which require a gas line connection, electric dryers only need the appropriate outlet. Plug them into the wall, and you’re good to go! They also come at a more affordable price point, costing around $100-$200 less than comparable gas dryers and over $200-$700 less than comparable heat pump dryers. However, it’s worth noting that they can be more expensive to operate in the long run, as they tend to consume more energy due to their ability to reach high temperatures rapidly. This high energy consumption can impact your monthly bills and result in slightly more wear and tear on your clothes, despite the time-saving benefits and environmental advantages.

Let’s Review

So, are you ready to make the switch? Is it worth buying a heat pump dryer? Let’s briefly review some of the differences to determine which dryer is right for you in the electric dryer vs heat pump dryer decision:

Speed: Electric Dryers excel at reaching high temperatures quickly, making them ideal for time-sensitive situations when you need your clothes in a pinch.

Gentleness: Heat pump dryers use innovative technology to dry clothes at lower temperatures, ensuring gentler treatment for your wardrobe.

Price: It depends. Electric Dryers have a lower upfront cost, but in the long run, heat pump dryers save you money by reducing your electric bill.

Energy efficiency: Heat pump dryers reign supreme in terms of energy efficiency, with their air-recycling capabilities making them approximately 28% more efficient than standard dryers.

If you need assistance in making a decision, we are here to support you! Get in touch, and we’ll provide you with guidance in mapping out your electrification journey.