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Treehouse & Elephant Energy: Powering Up Home Electrification

A Mission to Make Homes Climate-Friendly

At Elephant, a key part of our mission is empowering homeowners to take personal climate action – knowing that the impact of that action spans so much further than the four walls of our own homes. That’s why we’re excited to announce our new partnership with Treehouse, aimed at accelerating home electrification across the country.

Why Treehouse? A Perfect Match 

Treehouse is an electrical contractor built for the 21st century. Our shared vision—to build the “easy button” for home electrification—is what brought us together. By combining our expertise in HVAC system design and management with Treehouse’s robust electrical capabilities, we’re uniquely positioned to offer homeowners a streamlined, efficient approach to upgrading their homes with heat pumps and heat pump water heaters.

Why does this matter? These systems are not only more sustainable, but also three times more energy-efficient than traditional HVAC units, leveraging electricity to transfer heat rather than generating new heat by burning fossil fuels. The result? Lower carbon emissions, reduced energy bills, and significantly improved indoor air quality.

Integrated Expertise for Seamless Installation

Treehouse is an integral part of our vetted contractor network, providing top-notch electrical expertise for the heat pump installation process. Their involvement ensures that each step of the installation is executed flawlessly, and reinforces our commitment to using technology to scale home electrification efforts.

Our partnership also leverages the Treehouse API, which offers instant, guaranteed pricing and real-time project updates through webhooks. For homeowners who work with us, this translates to maximum convenience, competitive pricing, and a faster, more streamlined installation experience. 

Building Together, Better Together

We’re already making strides together in Colorado, where our combined efforts are helping more homeowners transition to climate-friendly technologies. And together, we see the opportunity to continue to expand our impact by serving homeowners across communities nationwide. 

Our collaboration goes beyond just improving individual homes; it’s about jointly creating a streamlined approach to remove friction from the electrification experience. Both Elephant Energy and Treehouse contribute unique expertise that is vital in deploying real assets which are crucial for the clean energy transition. By combining our strengths, we are not only facilitating a smoother transition for homeowners but also accelerating the deployment of these critical technologies. Onwards!

Eager to make more climate-friendly choices? Check out our tool, Your Electrification Roadmap®. A few simple questions will get you a personalized plan for a sustainable home. Together, we can make choices that truly make a difference.