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Top Five Reasons to Go Electric

Switching to modern electric equipment can help you feel good in your home while feeling good about your home. Here are the top five reasons to go electric.

1. Cost

You can lower your utility bills by hundreds per month (thousands of dollars per year!) by replacing aging, gas-burning units with modern, electrical units. What’s more, installing an electric heat pump costs less up front than replacing a traditional furnace and A/C unit with the same old last-generation equipment. Since every electric installation involves a tax credit, rebate or other incentive, upfront expenses are further reduced.

2. Air Quality

Eliminating harmful particulates from burning gas improves the air quality in your home, and stands to improve your family’s health. For example, studies show children are 42% less likely to develop asthma in an all-electric home.

3. Climate

Buildings and homes are responsible for a large percentage of GHG emissions in cities (64% in Denver, for example). Going electric is one of the most impactful actions you can personally take to advance the climate transition. 

4. Comfort

Say goodbye to the clanking and whooshing from that dinosaur in your basement. Adios to uneven heating and cooling. Hello to cozy heating and even cooling, providing more consistent temperature regulation in your home – all simply by upgrading to modern electric technology. 

5. Peace of Mind

Ridding your home of fossil-fuel combustion has meaningful implications for quality of life and peace of mind every day — similar to switching to an electric vehicle. And, you can sleep easy knowing that you’re doing right by the planet.


And, as if you needed more reasons, here are two big ones.

This winter, there’s good news and there’s bad news. 

The bad news is, gas heating bills are spiking.

Winter 2022 natural gas heating bills are expected to be double what they were just three years ago, and public utilities have been piling on rate hikes for years with no sign of stopping.

The good news is, there are unprecedented new incentives for going electric.

Beginning in January 2023, the Inflation Reduction Act will allow homeowners to deduct up to $2,000 from their taxes for electric upgrades. That’s on top of rebates of up to $4,000 already available locally. 

Sooner or later, we all have to replace our homes’ aging systems. Now, it makes more sense than ever to think ahead and go electric. 

Get a custom roadmap for your home’s electrification journey.

While modern electric technology is efficient, navigating the installation process on your own isn’t. Elephant Energy can design a home-specific roadmap for you, and manage every step of the installation process – including applying available tax credits and rebates – to unlock all the benefits of modern, electric upgrades for the best value. If you’re thinking of going electric, contact us to learn more.

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