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Mini Split Air Conditioner – The Most Comfortable Room In Our Home

Mini Split Air Conditioner - The Most Comfortable Room In Our Home - Elephant Energy

Do you have a guest room, addition, or office that isn’t served well by your existing system? Never warm enough in the winter…never cool enough in the summer? Consider a Mini Split Air Conditioner.

A ductless mini split air conditioner heat pump may be the perfect, energy-efficient solution, even in cold climates like Boulder! We recently installed a mini-spit for one of our customers to take her new addition from the worst room in the house to the best.

We installed a mini-split for the amazing @KatieS in her guest room. Turns out, the previous owners added on the room, but without any ducting…no heat or A/C?! Perfect application for a mini-split! Efficient heating & cooling all in one plus many home comfort benefits.

Mini-splits are awesome: Sized for the exact heating and cooling load of the room, they blend into the background and create a cozy, quiet, and controllable room. Precise temperature control where there was none before. Super energy-efficient technology that even works when it’s -10°F out .

Superior control and comfort: They are super flexible to fit your needs: Multiple operating modes, fan speeds, and airflow directions so you can dial in comfort! Plus a built-in sensor scans the room to determine the optimal heating/cooling strategy based on the size, occupancy, temperature, and movement.

They improve air quality (and health): How? Mini split air conditioner have multi-stage filtration (Nano Platinum + Deodorizing + Electrostatic Anti-Allergy) to reduce odors, dust, bacteria, viruses, pollen, allergens, and other particulates. You can add HEPA filters for even cleaner air.

Straight forward installation: Run an electrical circuit to the outdoor heat pump ‘condenser’ (we used a cold-climate unit from @MitsubishiHVAC ). Mount the unit above the snow line. Connect the refrigerant ‘lines’ and electrical to the indoor unit. Finally, install the interior ‘head’ in an aesthetically-pleasing and functional location.

Rebates: We helpe d the customer maximize various incentives, rebates, and credits from federal, local (@bouldercolorado & @bouldercounty), and electric utility (@XcelEnergyCO) providers. $1,600 for this project alone! Colorado’s @EnergySmartYES provides a great service for helping homeowners access rebates!

Voila! You now have a new ‘most comfortable room in the house’ fully controllable with a remote control or an app from the comfort of your bed.

Get in touch if we can help you solve heating, cooling, comfort, or air quality challenges in your home!