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Expert explains why 2023 will be the best year to ‘electrify’ your home

As the war in Ukraine rages halfway across the world, natural gas prices have hit homeowners harder than ever. As it stands now, the Environmental Protection Agency estimates that most Americans spend about $2,000 every year on home energy bills.

Natural gas is slated to become even more expensive in 2023, reaching a 15-year-high, meaning most Americans will pay more to keep their homes at a comfortable temperature. 

But it doesn’t have to be this way.

Elephant Energy, a Colorado-based startup, is on a mission to help homeowners electrify their homes and make the process as simple as possible. 

The company, founded a year and a half ago by climate-tech pros Josh Lake and DR Richardson, is providing Americans with solutions to reduce their bills while fighting the overheating of the planet at the same time.  

But for a lot of Elephant Energy’s customers, helping the Earth is more of a side benefit:

“Homeowners are electrifying for different reasons. Some are climate warriors, but the majority of our customers are not,” Richardson told The Cool Down. “The majority have an old, aging water heater, furnace, or AC and want to replace it with something that has a lower operating cost.”