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More Comfortable

Work with an Elephant Home Comfort Advisor to receive a custom proposal tailored to making your home more comfortable.

Improved Air Quality

Eliminate combustion of fossil fuels in your home, reducing harmful particulates and smells in your air to breathe easily. Children are 42% less likely to develop asthma in an all-electric home.

Better for Climate

42% of your carbon emissions come from your home and vehicles. Confidently eliminate your home’s emissions with electric technology.

Lower Your Bills

Electric technology is the smart, energy-efficient choice. We make it easy to reduce your energy bills with energy-efficient home upgrades.

Modern, electric upgrades

Electric technology is the most efficient way to power your home, hands down. We make it easy to upgrade your home with the latest sustainable improvements: heat pumps, hybrid water heaters, EV chargers, induction ranges, and more.

Cozy, comfortable upgrades

Fewer drafts, more even heating and cooling, cleaner air. A system designed for your home’s unique needs that helps you breathe – and sleep – easy.

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The easiest way to upgrade your home and get off gas.


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We want to understand your goals, “must” haves, and “like to” haves. We’ll also ask about your budget, and share more information about our financing options.


Home Comfort Evaluation

We visit your home to really dig into your house’s unique characteristics and design a solution that accommodates them.



We manage all aspects of the process, from tip to tail, so you can sit back and relax.


Ahhhh - a healthy, comfortable home!

Enjoy your home’s modern electric upgrades.

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