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WTF is “Electrify Everything”? 💡🔌⚡🔋

Why electrify everything? Today, most homes are heated with methane / fossil / natural gas. Most vehicles are powered by gasoline and diesel.  And most of our outdoor appliances and power tools run on gasoline.

By now, you’ve probably heard us beating the drum on “Electrify Everything.”  And you may rightfully be wondering, WTF is “Electrify Everything”?  So, let’s break it down.

Electrify → Replacing something that consumes fossil fuels (gasoline, diesel, propane, methane / natural gas, etc.) with an electric version.

Everything → Heating systems.  And hot water heaters, clothes dryers, and stoves.  And lawn mowers, leaf blowers, and even chain saws.  And even planes, trains, and automobiles.

Why Electrify Everything?  Coupled with transitioning the source of the electricity to 100% renewables + nuclear (Cleanify), we can have a major impact on reducing climate-killing carbon dioxide and methane emissions.  To have the biggest impact, we need to both Cleanify and Electrify.  This will also have the positive side effects of improving indoor air quality, reducing noise pollution (think leaf blowers), and reducing emissions of methane through leaks.  And it will even save money in total lifetime costs for many electric appliances.

Here is how one of the pioneers in the space – Saul Griffith – describes the Electrify Everything Movement:

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Keep up the good fight and #ElectrifyEverything!