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Explore the latest blogs from Elephant Energy as we delve into electrification solutions, including the groundbreaking technology of heat pumps. Stay informed on the latest climate change news and discover how these innovations are transforming our world for a sustainable future.

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Heat pumps are believed to not work in winter, but they have proven very effective (even in very cold climates!)
Cold-weather heat pumps work in very cold climates. Learn everything there is to know about Air Source Heat Pumps here!
Heat pump water heaters (HPWHs) are highly energy-efficient and cost-effective water heating options compared to traditional gas or electric heaters.
Meet a couple who upgraded their 1960s home to a heat pump water heater with Elephant Energy's help.
Read about a homeowner that had HVAC repair, home sealing, and a heat pump water heater installed with Elephant Energy.
Save money, time, and headaches by installing an induction cooktop with Elephant Energy.
Even in small spaces, heat pump water heaters can make a huge difference in reducing your carbon footprint.